When you invest in a home remodel, it’s a smart choice to select materials that offer longevity in terms of both durability and style. Natural stone is a foolproof choice, because it is unlikely to ever go out of style, and it can remain in beautiful condition even with years of wear and tear—as long as you provide some regular maintenance and upkeep. If you are shopping for natural stone flooring or countertops in Tucson, check out Tile with Style to see our excellent selection and take advantage of our full-service professional installation.
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Incorporating Natural Stone into Your Home

Natural stone has a place in just about any room, and it’s of course right at home in your outdoor landscape. Here are just some of the places where you might consider using stone over other materials:

  • Countertops – Both marble and granite make luxurious yet durable countertops with exceptional tolerance to heat, germ resistance, and moisture resistance. Not only can they stand the test of time, but the unique colors and grains of these stone slabs offer a distinguished look to any kitchen or bathroom.
  • Outdoor Pavers and Walls – Stone is easily incorporated into any landscape design. Natural stone can be used as building blocks for a retaining wall or as pavers in an outdoor walkway.
  • Indoor Flooring – Travertine tile can provide a romantic, rustic appearance that pairs well with classic interior styling. Marble floors can also add a touch of luxury to a walkway or bathroom.
  • Backsplashes – Natural stone creates a stunning look in the kitchen when it is used as a backsplash. Because granite and marble backsplashes can be installed in large strips cut from a whole slab, the final result will be seamless and easy to clean.

Caring for Natural Stone

One consideration that homeowners should make when choosing stone—particularly as flooring and in high-use areas such as the kitchen—is the maintenance required. In general, stone countertops and floors are easy to clean and care for, but you will want to sweep and dust often to avoid scratches. You may also need to periodically refinish and seal natural stone to keep it smooth and clean. Finally, travertine and marble are fairly soft and moisture-absorbent stones, so they may stain more easily than other materials. This makes them less than ideal for homes with young children.

Tile with Style is your source for stone, whether you are looking for granite slabs, marble floor tiles, or travertine pavers. Check out our Speedway store to explore our amazing selection, or call us at (520) 323-0229.

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